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State and regional government climate data is fundamental to delivering the Paris Agreement. Using the data that states and regions disclosed to CDP, we estimate that those that disclosed both a region-wide GHG emissions reduction target and a GHG inventory, are on course to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement by 2020. We incorporated the 2017 International Energy Agency scenarios to explore how collective emissions of states and regions change over time. This shows that disclosing states and regions are on average setting more ambitious targets than those set by their national counterparts. This demonstrates that present 2020 targets are sufficient to put states and regions on a trajectory for a 2 degree Celsius world. However, their long-term targets while more ambitious than their national counterparts, are not sufficient to keep the world below a 2 degree rise after 2020.
2017, states, regions, decarbonization, climate action
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Projected GHG emissions based on reduction targets disclosed by states and regions (Total emissions GtCO2e)
Projected GHG emissions based on current commitments of national level counterparts (Total emissions GtCO2e)
Projected GHG emissions based on a 2-degree scenario (Total emissions GtCO2e)

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